Protect Your Children Online

Here are some suggestions to keep your family and your kids safe online:

  • Only chat with people you know in real life.  Don’t chat with strangers.  Even other children who “appear” to be your age. You never know.
  • Keep your computer in a common area like the living room. No unsupervised internet access in children’s bedrooms.
  • Charge all family electronics away from children at night (like in the living room or parent’s room). No smartphones/tablets for kids at night.
  • Know what your kids do online and who they talk to.
  • Be familiar with what is on your child’s smartphone and review what is on their phone periodically.
  • Be wary of apps that do not save a history of your child’s activity.
  • Consider buying and using parental control software.  There are many good options available.
  • Be aware that portable/home electronics that your children have may also have internet access without you realizing it. Examples, iPODs, MP3 players, video game consoles, newer TV sets, Bluray player, etc..
  • Don’t give your child an internet device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc…) before they are old enough to handle that responsibility.  non-smart phones still exist.
  • If strangers are contacting your child online and being inappropriate: block them, flag them, and contact the authorities.
  • Be careful about online job postings that target young people (often women) and sound too good to be true.  Don’t let your children to go vague job interviews in strange places.


Other Resources:

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