Train Your Child To Say Something

Human Traffickers often recruit from schools.  If your child notices something suspicious and tells someone she might just save the life of a friend or fellow student.  Here are some things that your child should see as a red flag:

  • Older men or boyfriends (in their 20s) that hang around their school.
  • Other students who skip school, but ride the school bus to and from school like they are attending school.
  • Friends that ask your child to lie to their parents (i.e. cover for them) about where they have been.
  • Friends that 3-way call so that they can talk to a “boyfriend” or to make their parents think they are at your child’s house.
  • Friends that show up at school with very expensive clothes or other high end items.
  • Friends that talk about frequent weekend trips to nearby big cities with no mention of their parents.
  • Friends or other students that meet older “boyfriends” in the parking lot between classes.

If your child sees any of the above things, train them to tell their teacher, principle, parents, coach, or the police.