The Issues


Here are just a few issues that we are fighting for or against to help combat human trafficking:

  • Demand: The number one problem to stopping human trafficking is demand. If people stopped buying sex and stopped buying forced laborers, then the human trafficking industry would die.  Markets exist in places where there is demand. We must stop the demand!
  • Laws: State laws are often too gentle on offenders or non-existent.  We need better laws that protect victims and strongly punish recruiters and buyers.
  • Awareness: Not enough people are aware that human trafficking is a problem; let alone what it looks like and how they can combat it.
  • Training: Not enough professionals who are in the path of human trafficking are trained on what to look for and how to respond.
  • Related Industries:  Related industries (strip clubs, pornography, etc..) do not realize or do not care, that they are helping fuel human trafficking.

Oregon Law on Human Trafficking

ORS 163.266 – Trafficking in persons – 2015 Oregon Revised Statutes

State Report Cards for Sex Trafficking Laws in the United States

Oregon’s Report Card on Sex Trafficking Laws: