Change The Culture

Human trafficking won’t ever truly end unless we can make some major changes to our culture.  We have a choice and we have to pick the right direction if we want to see real change!  Here are some areas where our culture has work to do:

  • The words we use: We use words like “pimp” and “ho” when we are joking around or poking fun at various things.  We make these real terms seem lighter and less serious than they really are.  Use words properly so that the people around us realize these are heavy words about real and dangerous things that really happen.
  • Tattoos: Tattoos of certain symbols or words can be a sign that someone is a victim of human trafficking. Getting tattoos of money signs, barcodes, derogatory terms, a man’s name, and other things similar to “brands” that pimps use are not a good idea.  We want to create a trend where these types of tattoos are seen as bad and undesirable so that real victims can be identified and ordinary people don’t contribute to the confusion.
  • Entertainment:  Too many movies and games show prostitution, strip clubs, kidnapping, running away from home, dating older boyfriends, keeping online relationships secret from parents, partying with strangers, going places in secret without telling someone, consuming drugs without consequences, and other dangerous habits as common place and low risk. This is not reality. Doing any of these things is very high risk and is a bad idea. These things need to be portrayed in movies the way they really are!
  • Pornography:  Pornography is becoming more acceptable in our culture and more accessible.  This is not the harmless product it claims to be.  It hurts the people consuming it, but even worse is that fact that many of the people contained in the photos and videos are not doing so willingly.  You may not see any chains connected to them, but sometimes they are be coerced or extorted into participation.  There is no way to know 100% that they are participating willingly.  If we stop consuming, and  stop the demand, they will stop forcing people to participate.  Read more here: and here:
  • Drugs and Alcohol: Consuming drugs is never a good idea. Consuming alcohol is excess amounts is also a bad idea.  However, consuming alcohol and drugs in unfamiliar places with people you don’t know well, makes these choices ten times worse.  People get taken advantage of when they are no longer in full control of their bodies or aware of their surroundings.